Monday, 4 December 2017

December Soulful Project by Karen Arribas

Hi and welcome to my lesson for this months soulful project. I have based it on this months quote:

To Begin with I used the Jane Davenport pink acrylic and spread it sporadically over the page. I kept the brush quite dry as I didn't want to cover the whole page. 

I then used FW artist acrylic ink red and yellow. They are really vibrant and permanent when they dry. I spread it from the bottom and fanned it out over the page to give the impression of fire.

I then drew black around the flames with a stabilo all black pencil and a black coloured pencil. I then used the JD pink acrylic and white Gesso to put splatters over the flames to add more texture.

You can use a cut out from a magazine like I have here or you can simply draw onto the page. I liked this picture and it went well with what I was wanting to achieve. I covered her dress with black gesso. 

Once the picture is stuck down to the background ( I used Liquitex Matte gel medium) I covered her hair and body with gesso (Liquitex gesso) I would recommend a watered down thin layer and then build as you need a bit of transparency for the face.

I then covered her hair with Jane davenport acrylic paint - light orange from the portrait set. I didn't cover it completely just parts of the hair. I collaged some butterflies and leaf onto her dress, I also used a white sharpie to draw some vines. 

Finally I shaded some of her face, legs and arms. Coloured pencil red, yellow and orange was used on the hair and pencil for the shading. I added a feather from graphic 45 seasons collection to her hair also. 

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the lesson feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to seeing your work in the facebook group. 
All the materials can be purchased from the Art and Soul Studio online store:

Karen xx


  1. Awesome project, Karen! Love how you used the magazine cutout to help create a focal image, I would have though you drew it by hand with just seeing the finished piece! Great idea.

  2. Fantastic project, really interesting, thanks for sharing it.


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