Saturday, 2 December 2017

December SOULFUL PROJECT - Leanne

Hello again.. Yep I am back so soon... 
BUT it is a new month so that means a brand spanking new SOULFUL PROJECT.. 
and here is the prompt.. WOW hey.
so what do I do.. well recently I stumbled across an artist by the name of Deb Weiers... 
(if you want to check her out have a look HERE)
 so I thought I would channel her.... so started off with the colours. 
so vibrant and bright.....
then added a little blue, a swipe or two of modelling paste and pressed in a Carbelle studio embossing folder for texture... and free handed a face...
THINGS were not as they seemed.. EEK .. YUK.. ok if I colour in with white..
yep that would work... NOPE.. but Don't give up yet... re-draw the face... change it.. add a circle feature or two... and stick on some stamped peoples....
NO no NO>..... Black.. add black.. that always helps..
yep... still not convinced... THEN DISASTER........ WTF...... NO... this is not working..
RIGHT....get into YOUR head.. and stop trying to be someone you arent.. flip this sucker the other way.. it feels better.. add some texture paste through some stencils, some gold punchinella, staples, carabelle stamps... feeling better.. swipe some Liquitex ink mixed with transparent gesso through a carabelle stencil..
YEP .. now we are talking... TEXTURE >.. glorious TEXTURE..
keep on keeping on ...
stick on this super cool stamped head.. add a body.. colour the glasses.. 
IT  IS SAVED..................
 Now go to sleep..
MORNING.. and YES>. I am loving it.. THRILLED... add some finishing touches...
Through in some words that speak from the SOULFUL quote....
AND>.... yeah baby... Have a look at some of this texture.. subtle details.. MAGIC.

and that my friends is how you create.. 
live your own creations.. Inspiration is fantastic but unless you feel the work you are creating it just doesn't happen..
I could have thrown it in the bin and started again. I could have just shared with you the end result.. but I thought that would be a disservice to everyone. We all have some creations that just don't work. so instead of giving up.. let the piece take you to where it needs to be....

Product list:
Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic - tangarine, ruby and lemon..
Liquitex ink, flexible modelling paste, light modelling paste.
Matisse black gesso, transparent gesso.
Atelier gesso primer white (i use it as a white paint)
Stabilo Marks All Pencil (YEP again. the edging of the figure and helps to give some colour to the figure)
Carabelle Studio "with folly" stamp (the face), "background- impression aux pochoirs" stamp, Embossing folder "texte grunge, "1/58" stencil.  *** YEP I am a little obsessed by Carabelle Studio awesomeness..***
Dylusions stencil (letters)
Kaisercraft Brick stencil.
Stazon Jet black ink pad. 
Punchinella, staples, Dymo labeller

So there you go.. I hope you got something out of this...
and PLEASE play along with the SOULFUL challenge..
there is a HUGE $75.00 Voucher to spend at the shop!!!! (instore or online)

Live with Respect..
oh oh ..
don't forget the new design team search.. why not throw YOUR hat in the ring....

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  1. I loved both of your pieces, but it's great you were able to go over something you felt didn't work and make something else!

    Fabulous fun folly stamp!


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