Saturday, 14 October 2017


Hello and Happy Friday
I have a small loose page art journal (13.9cm x 14.9cm) that I create because I had some watercolour paper left in that size and I didn't want to waste it. It is a strange size but it is not too small that I cant create something.
You might recall last month I road tested the Marabu Art Crayons, and with the black I create a paste. Once finished the road test I still had some of the paste left so instead of wasting I put in through a stencil on a page of this art journal.
This is what with
And this is what I finished up with
Would you like to know what I did in between, please keep reading to find out.
I wanted to add more texture to the background but I didn't want to loose the stencil work I had already done, so I completely covered the art journal page with clear crackle paste, which I left over night to dry
This is an up close photo of the dried crackle paste. It doesn't look like much but until I add the marabu art crayons it brings it to life.
I first sprayed the surface of my page and then I partial dried it. Then choose the colours of my crayons I scribbled over the top the using a makeup sponge and my finger I moved the colour around, adding more crayon if needed. Here is a couple of close ups to show you the texture and colour combined together.

To finish of my very simple art journal page I stamp three images, heat embossed them and then added my words.
Products used from the Art and Soul Studio Shop:
Happy Creating

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