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Chocolate Easter bunny painting tutorial in acrylic paints

Chocolate Easter Bunny Painting

Paints required:

Jo Sonjas Sap Green
Jo Sonjas Carbon Black
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Titanium White
Napthol Crimson
Cobalt Green
Hookers Green
Primary Yellow
12 x 16 Canvas board
Filbert paint brush size 4
Flat brush large enough to paint the background easily
Old stuff round brush for the white flowers
Old brush for scumbling
Rigger brush
Golden Glazing Liquid

Steps to painting some chocolate bunnies!

The first step is to get's almost Easter, Easter means chocolate!  Then grab your sap green and paint the whole canvas.  Let it dry and paint another layer of sap green. 

This is the point where you look at the reference photo I have provided.  It is royalty free and downloaded from Pixabay so you can do what you like with your painting of it :)  See the different shades of green in the picture, that is what you are focusing on.  Get your Hookers Green and your favourite scumbling brush (scumbling does ruin a paintbrush so use an old one or one you don't care much about) and start scumbling parts of dark green in the background, following the picture below. 

  To scumble, you place the tip of the paintbrush on the canvas and lightly go in circles.  To blend the Hookers green into the sap green you just scumble some sap green around the hookers green.  I have made a YouTube video for this painting.  I will add the link at the end of this blog.  Just keep scumbling lighter and darker green around the canvas until you are happy.  You should end up with something similar to this picture.

Now for the longer blades of grass behind the bunnies.  Using your rigger brush, and cobalt green, dip the brush in water and then mix it into the paint.  You want it watery, but not too watery.  About a third of the way up the canvas begin making long blades of grass, using sap green, cobalt green and a mixture of these greens together.  Fill the whole bottom third of the canvas with grass blades.

Using Titanium white, dip your old stiff brush into the paint and just lightly dab on some white flowers. 


Tracing in the chocolate bunnies:

Trace the chocolate bunnies in using your preferred method, or draw them in if you enjoy drawing (traceable will be at the bottom of the page and also on my Pinterest page.)

Paint over the whole bunnies in Burnt Sienna, leaving the eyes blank so you know where they will be.
Then paint a layer of Burnt Umber on Daddy Bunny.  Work on one bunny at a time, it makes things easier since they are so close to each other and the same colour.

Using Burnt Umber and a small amount of Titanium White mixed together paint the inside of Dad Bunny's ear.  Using Black paint in his nose and the little gap on his face that makes his nose. 

Dry brush Burnt Umber and Titanuim white combined on Dad's belly, the inside of his ears, his head and his arm.  Paint white where his eye will go.  Mix Napthol Crimson with a little white to make pink, and paint that inside his ear.  Then using Burnt Umber make small lines on the edge of his ears, these are the imperfections in the chocolate.  Make sure you follow the direction of his ear when doing these strokes, look at the reference picture you will see they all go in different angles.  Mix a little Burnt Umber and Titanium White and outline the dark creases you just did.

Add some Burnt Umber and Titanium White to the inside of baby bunny's ear so you know where it should be placed.  Finally for Dad bunny, using Black place a curved line where his closed eye is.

3.  The Chocolate cracks..

Make lots of small little marks on the Dad's face, and ears, looking at the reference picture to get an idea of the direction they should be going.  The mix Burnt Umber with Titanium white and make lines around all of the Burnt Umber spots and lines. He should begin looking like the picture above.  I have a quick time lapse showing how I did this.

Continue painting the choclate cracks all over his body.

4.  Painting Baby Bunny:

Using Burnt Umber and a little bit of Titanium White, cover the baby bunny in paint.  Add the pink mixture to the inside of his ear.  Use some Burnt Umber to outline where his arm and ears and head will end if you need to.  It does help.

Follow along the same procedure for making the cracks on baby bunny as you did on Dad bunny.

5.  More strands of grass

Using the rigger brush and a combination of the greens you used before, place some long strands of grass in front of the bunnies, this helps with pushing the bunnies back into the painting a little.  

Place some more white flowers around the front of the bunnies too.

Using Titanium white paint the eggs in, wherever you want them.  Using white first helps the colour you choose for the egg to be seen better.  Use Primary Yellow for one egg, and Napthol Crimson for the other.  Let it dry then do another coat.  

Use Hookers green to paint the shadow of the eggs on the grass.
Mix the yellow with some burnt Umber to create the shadow on the yellow egg.  Mainly on the bottom of the egg and the sides.  Mix Yellow and Titanium White to create the highlight on the top of the yellow egg.  
Mix black with red to create the shadows on the red egg, and mix red with zinc white to create the highlight on the red egg.  You can use Titanium White, just be careful not to turn the red pink.  Zinc White is less strong and it takes a bit more of it to turn the red pink, henceforth making it perfect for highlights.

Decorate the eggs however you want, making sure if you want lines on them they need to be curved to make the egg appear rounded.

Using the rigger brush, add some grass strands in front of the eggs, like you did for the bunnies, and then some white flowers.

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My Pinterest page where the reference photo and the traceable can be downloaded:

My Facebook Art Page:

I will have the YouTube video up for this tutorial by the end of today, so make sure you check it out:

That is it for me this month.  Hope you enjoy painting this sweet little Easter scene.

Lots of Art hugs......

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