Monday, 16 April 2018

'Colour' By Tanyalee Kahler

Hello Soul Sisters, I'm back again for another step by step tutorial. This time I am making a spread in a collaborative art journal that will be travelling around the country (and the world) between other Soul Sister artists. I can't wait to see the finished journal full of art.

 My spread is a bright, colourful spread using collage and gelliprint techniques.

I experimented with the use of a stamp on my gelliplate to create a unique floral texture, and it worked a treat.

The Jane Davenport napkins also made a beautiful, colourful base to my collage work.

I hope you enjoyed watching me create this fun spread. Happy art journaling friends, and I look forward to seeing your art in the Facebook group in the future.


Gelli Plate
Impasto Paints (Pumpkin, Lemon Peel, Heather and Crimson)
Soft Gel Medium
Jane Davenport Napkins
Tim Holtz Tissue Paper
Liquitex Acrylic Ink (Carbon Black)

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