Friday, 9 February 2018

Beauty Comes in all Shapes and Sizes - by Karen Arribas

I thought I'd keep it simple for this lesson and do a trio of tags. I used the paper from my Jane Davenport journal and then made three tags.

I also wanted to keep it fun and decided to draw three lovely ladies with different body types in a 1950's style.

I tend to use a lot of acrylic paint in my work  but I wanted this project to give my Jane Davenport watercolours a run for its money.

Using a combination of both watercolour sets, I got a nice mix of warm and cooler colours. They are pretty vibrant so you don't need to use too much.

I actually liked the tags plain but I couldn't help myself from putting some collage on them and outlining them with black archival ink.

and there you have it a cute tag which is really easy and quick.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I hope to see you in the soul sisters FB page:

You can also buy the Jane Davenport watercolours at the online Art and Soul Studio online shop:

Happy creating!


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