Sunday, 22 October 2017

FW Acrylic Inks

Hi guys it is Tanya here,

Today I'm going to share with you a project that i have just finished, and lets be honest, there is nothing small about it!! hahaha.

I needed a new desk in my studio and hubby had a door collecting dust down in his workshop, so i layed claim to it and gave it a make over.

For this project i used Aqua Enamel house paint and Varnish plus Black Acrylic Paint and the FW Acrylic Inks.

First up i dusted the door down and gave it a wipe over, then a good coat of white glossy paint and left dry completely,

Next i grabbed some old book paper from the stash and tore it into bits, once i had enough i used the white paint to stick down the bits of paper, and let dry.
Once dry water down the white paint 50:50 to make a wash and give it another coat, just to blend the paper patches, once again let dry (because of the size using a heat tool was not an option, so i had to just be patient!)

Once it was totaly dry grab ALL your favorite stencils and a sponge. Randomly stencil with black paint over the whole surface, and then again let dry.

Now this is all done this is where the real fun starts!!!! Lets get the colour on!

Using a tiny drip in each spot blend with a baby wipe into the next colour and keep repeating until the door is covered in colour.

Once its dry give it a good coat of varnish to seal the surface.

The thing i love about these inks is that a little bit goes a long way, even working on something this big, i barely even made a dint into the contents of the bottles!!! The dry fast and once they are waterfast and wont re-activate!

This is the end result.. pretty fancy hey!! But now the hard part is trying to keep the desk clean!!! Hahaha at least i have a photo, that will last longer!!!

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