Sunday, 7 January 2018

Soulful Project by Karen Arribas

Happy New Year and welcome to my first lesson for this year. I am thrilled to be asked back for a second term with Art and Soul.

Before I start this lesson I thought I'd put a list of what was used during the lesson:

Gel Press Impressables 7"x7" Embossed Gel Plate: REPEAT CIRCLES
Liquitex Matt medium
indian ink
black pencil
Jane davenport acrylic paint
Kaiser Craft acrylic Paint
Stamperia Rice Paper - White Roses & Gear Wheels 50cm x 50cm
7 Dots Studio - Dreamscapes - Triangles Stencil

All the materials can be purchased from the Art and Soul Studio online shop:

Be careful though because there is a lot of wonderful stuff on there!

Now for this weeks lesson...........

Firstly I used a brayer to on Gel Press Impressables 7"x7" Embossed Gel Plate: REPEAT CIRCLES. I used a variety of acrylic paints from the Kaiser craft and JD range. 

I made a number of prints, the beauty of the Gelli prints is you can get a number of prints out of a little amount of paint.

I decided to use a small portion of what I printed and used Matte Gel to stick to some watercolour A4 paper.

I then decided to add various bit of collage paper such as Stamperia Rice Paper - White Roses & Gear Wheels 50cm x 50cm etc in the end most of it got covered but its the process I like and the bits of colour that come through the layers.

Next I used some Golden crackle paste through the middle of the design. 

To be honest this was the first time i'd used crackle paste. This particular one has very fine cracks that are great for a more subtle crackle look but they tended to get lost if I used too much acrylic paint on it, so using a little paint on a dry brush is probably better. I actually used a black ink pad here.

I used black gesso on the rest of the painting and then used the other end of the paint brush to add some marks to add extra texture.

Next I added blocks of various colours of acrylic paint and then used a black pencil to start outlining the flowers.

I then used white gesso and 7 Dots Studio - Dreamscapes - Triangles Stencil to add some interest. 

I wasn't happy with the black pencil so I used black indian ink to make the outline of the flowers more prominent.

The Jane Davenport white paint over pen is great for mark making such as dashes and dots.

Finally I used the Jane Davenport INKredible pen to write the quote.

I hope you like this lesson and it gives you some ideas for creating textures etc. 



  1. Love your creation, Karen. Beautiful Flowers!

    1. Thank you Annmaree I hope you give the lesson a go.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Cindy I love your flower lesson too I'm so buying that paint!


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