Thursday, 28 December 2017

Anne Cahill - Guest Post

Hello All,
Today we are sharing with you our second guest designer for the month Anne Cahill.
Each month in our facebook group Soul Sisters there is a challenge that you can participate in. Anne was our October winner and using her haul from the store created an art journal page.

Let's find out a little bit more about Anne before we share the products she received what she created.
Through the day I am the Operations Co-Ordinator for our Electrical and Data Contracting business. Not the industry I ever imagined myself in but have found the past 20 years very rewarding. 
I have always been interested in arts and crafts for as long as I can remember, something my parents had always encouraged. I became more interested in drawing and painting around 2000 and have continued down the mixed media path letting the other crafts take a back seat. Acrylic paint and pencils would be my favourite but I am happy to use whatever is available.
I try to find time each week to sit and create, it lets me process the week’s events, clears my mind and lets me connect with other like-minded people.
Creating is so rewarding, it need not be expensive to get started just purchasing one colour here and there as you need it. I used my October winnings of the Soul Sister Challenge to purchase some Marabu Acrylic Art Sprays which I have used in a quick demo below.
When using my Dylusions or any non-permanent inks I would often get frustrated as I enjoy building layers, adding shadows etc. and if I decided it needed some additional touches it would move, blend or simply bleed through the top layers of paint altering the colour, never allowing for any bright pure highlights. As you will see, I use the spray in different ways not only as a spray. I like to add the contents of the spray bottles to tint acrylic paints, brush it on or rub it on. It goes a long way.
I was excited to try the acrylic inks and will be sure to use them in my future work.
I share my work from time to time and if you would like to see please visit or friend me at
Here is a photo of the products that Anne used
And here is the art journal page that Anne created
Thank you for joining us today and please visit Anne and show her some arty love.

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  1. Gorgeous Anne! You're very talented with faces, and they are so unique and special. Love the yummy colour with those Art Sprays!


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