Friday, 10 November 2017

Having Fun with Yupo

Hello Soul Sisters
For a little while now I have wanted to play with yupo, which is a synthetic paper, mostly used with alcohol ink. Well I decided to do something different.
I used yupo with my ecoline liquid watercolours. I had a lot of fun playing, I could have kept going but I did make myself stop.
Here is what I created with my playing but I will share my process as well.

The process is really, really easy and its so unpredictable.
I used the 5in x 7in pad. Comes with 10 sheets and I know that I could have easily used all ten but only used 4.
Step 1: Using a soft brush and clean water add as little or a lot to the paper. I covered my yupo all over and then added my liquid watercolour with big fluffy brushes.

Sorry about the quality of the photo the camera didn't want to focus on the image. How cool would it have been if the design stayed like this

Step 2: Keep adding water and colour until you are happy then start drying your creation. You will notices when you start drying the colours will fade in places but they stay true colours.
If you want to add more colour or water during the drying process do so, it will add another layer to your finished piece.
Here are some close ups of what happened after I finished drying my four pieces.

Just a word of caution: the darkest parts of the purple have not actually completely dried, they are sticky. I am trying to think of what I can use to take the stickiness away. It doesn't matter how many times I dry it then returns to being sticky.
The colours I used are 201, 318, 311, 545, 548 and 579.
Happy Creating

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