Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Technique Tuesday - Marabu Art Spray

Hello Soul Sisters
Today is Technique Tuesday and I am using the Marabu Art Sprays.
They are available in the store.
The colours that I am using are - Bordeaux, Aubergine and Aquamarine.
What are you these products you ask? Well, they are something that I find really exciting. They are acrylic sprays, which means they are permanent , quick drying and waterproof. Most other sprays that you find on the market are not waterproof, they reactivate when water added even after they are dry.
Would you like to see what fun I had?
I started with four pieces of heavy watercolour cardstock I think they are 300 gsm or maybe even heavier, I cant exactly remember.
2 pieces I left naked and the other 2 I covered with a layer of gesso. Through this tutorial I have made sure that each photo has gesso or no gesso written on it, so its easy for you to see the difference.
I sprayed my watercolour paper with the aquamarine spray and then dried it with my heat gun. For a test I then sprayed it with some water to see if I could remove any of the colour. Once I sprayed the water I did actually walk away as one of my children called me. When I came back I wiped the spray with a piece of paper towel as shown in the picture. I did remove some of the colour but it was fairly minimal.
The next two photos are of my watercolour paper with the layer of gesso. I did the same as above although I did do the wipe test twice. The top picture was where I sprayed and wiped almost straight away after I dried it with my heat gun, as you can see hardly any colour came away.
The second photo is where I decided that I wanted to see what would happen if I sprayed the water and then walked away for a few minutes. Again yes colour came away but nothing to major.

Using the aubergine and Bordeaux sprays I sprayed them while they were still wet to see what colour mixing I would get. You can see both colours in both of the following photos. I have to say that I am preferring the effect that the spray has on the gesso, and the colours are much brighter. The gesso is stopping the colour from soaking into the paper so of course it will be brighter.
These next two photos are where I have taken the aquamarine sprayed card and then sprayed them with bordeaux. What I like about this is that although I have sprayed a darker colour over the top the aquamarine still some through.

I decided that spraying the dark colour on top wasn't enough I wanted to see what happened when I sprayed the aquamarine over the top of bordeaux, I am loving what these sprays are doing and the vibrancy and richness of the colours of the gesso is making me want them.

My last bit of play is where I add the aquamarine spray to some texture paste and use it through a stencil. I spray the spray three times, and it didn't really alter the consistency of the texture paste.

I hope I have given you lots of information on how these sprays react with each other and other elements. I know it wont be long before I have some more in my stash.

Happy Creating

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