Saturday, 12 August 2017

Out Of The Darkness

Hello Soul Sisters
Today I am bringing you a step by step of an art journal page that I created.
The first thing that I do 95% of the time when I am creating an art journal page is cover it in gesso.

To create my background I cut a piece of rice paper that was a bit bigger than my journal page and then I went crazy with my stamping. I didn't actually mean to go this crazy but I was having to much fun too stop. Once I had finished stamping using matte medium I adhered the rice paper to my journal page, as I was laying down my paper I wanted to created texture so I scrunched as I went. 

Some how I needed to tone down that stamping so using my palette knife and gesso I covered some of it. I made sure that I turned my journal page so that the gesso was coming from all four directions.

My next step was to dissolve the walnut ink crystals until I had a liquid. To add colour I did it in a couple of stages. The first was to use a big watercolour brush to just cover the whole surface with the liquid ink. Making sure that I kept drying in between layers. The ink is not waterproof or permanent so I had to make sure that I wasn't taking off more that I was putting on.
The second step was to use my palette knife to apply the ink to the top of my page and letting the ink run down over the texture. Again making sure that I dried and reapplied until I was happy.

I wanted to add something to the background to bring that texture further to the surface so I found in my stash a metallic gold rub.
The last step to complete my journal page was to add my heart that I coloured with my pitt pen and added my quote.
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Happy Creating

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  1. Love the textures and yes out of the dark comes inspiration.


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