Monday, 21 August 2017

Hello Soul Sister

Todays project is part of the soulful project which I'm really excited about! I love inspiring quotes. 

Firstly I used Ink sprays such as Dylusions and Marabu.

I then added some red acrylic as I wanted to add a deeper colour, I sprayed some water to spread it a bit easier over the paper.

 I  Then used some tissue to take away some of the paint to give it a grungy look.

I then added some Artisan Powder (Marquise Blue) which gave it a bright powdery blue. I wanted to spread it around so I went over the blue with a small amount of gesso.

I wanted to darken the corner further so I added some small amounts of dark blue acrylic paint.

Once it was dry I used a white gel pen to create a whimsical lady/angel/fairy or if you wanted you can create any image you want. 

To add texture I used the Jane Davenport acrylic paint and the JD stencil provided with the paint.

And finally I used different Tombow dual pens to add the quote. Creating text is not my strong point which is why I used pre-made text but I like the faded look of the Tombows have produced.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson and found some inspiration, it would be great to see some creations in the soul sister FB page.

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