Saturday, 15 July 2017

You Have To Believe

Hello Soul Sisters.
Today it is my turn up on the blog, yes its a lot later than normal, so I do apologise for that, but I have created something that I totally love and it would have to be one of my favourite pieces.
It is an art journal page created with lots of yummy goodies from the shop.
I started this journal page by covering it with thick layers of gesso, making sure that I created lots of texture. I applied it with my palette knife so that I didn't have any brush strokes. I left it to dry for 5 hours and came back and it was still wet. For about half an hour I used my heat gun but it still wasn't dry. It looked dry but it was just the skin on top that was. So in the end I had to leave it to dry overnight.
Once it was finally dry I used three different magical shakers. The first layer I sprinkled on the page before I added water. I then added water to activate the powder. With my heat gun I started to dry the puddles of water, but I did not dry them completely. While the puddles where still there I added another colour of magical shaker, sprayed more water to get the colours moving. I repeated this process for my last layer. I had it almost completely dry and then using my roll of paper towel I  rolled it over the surface picking up the colours that hadn't dried.
For this next stage I added the stamping, sprayed through a stencil and then used gesso through another stencil

Here is a close up 
I worked out where my cluster was going to be placed I then scribbled some circles in the approximate place when the corners would be. I used a stabilo all and a white pen to achieve the look I was after. I then repeat this process in five other places on the background.  
This is a close up of my cluster
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Happy Creating

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